Nicole’s world: Drawings

In today’s post I will be posting my drawings that I do today . It is a very cloudy day today so a great day for some art and drawing.

Hello sorry I haven’t been on here much many things going on here at the house plus I have been hit with some bad bipolar days lately but I’m fine now I’m back on my medication now I forgot to take some a couple of days last week.

Here is a picture of one of my fur babies Snowball

Hello and welcome back friends

Today I’m doing some cleaning in my room. I’m also doing some letter writing to some friends and family that also helps me deal with my bipolar disorder but I have been doing more art work lately mostly drawings


Hello my friends out there how is everyone doing right now me I’m just trying to think what I will stock up on to keep me busy in this house in case West Virginia shuts down again do to this virus.

I don’t do good not having things to keep me busy I have bipolar and doing things helps with my bipolar

Today I’m going to work on some chores and some letter writing done and sent out to friends and family. I have been doing some more art work lately mostly drawings

I’ll try to keep updated with this blog and my site Peace Out my friends!!

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